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By using podcast feed creation services from Podtopia.net, you agree to the following:

You are solely responsible for the content of your podcasts

Podtopia.net does not accept any responsibility for the content of podcasts hosted at Podtopia.net. Creators of podcasts shall identify themselves accurately in their podcast information, including their copyright statement. All members of Podtopia.net podcast hosting services indemnify and hold harmless Podtopia.net from any legal action resulting from podcast content on this site.

You agree to fully and completely abide by the law in your broadcasting of content.

Podtopia.net is not responsible for any content contained in the podcasts or the rss feeds from the podcast feeds created on podtopia.net. Individual podcasters are responsible for securing permission to broadcast any copyrighted material included in their podcast(s), and for paying the associated licensing fees to the appropriate organizations (for example - but not limited to - ASCAP and BMI). Follow these links for ASCAP and BMI licensing forms for web broadcasts: ASCAP Licensing BMI Licensing

You agree to refrain from podcasting any content which is libelous, defamatory, hate-mongering, illegal, or otherwise prohibited by law.

We know you feel strongly about your opinions, but please do not direct aggression against minority groups, advocate violence, promote prejudice, or otherwise use your podcast to foster intolerance, hatred, prejudice, or discrimination against those who are not like you. We believe that free speech carries responsibility, as well as rights, and it should be used carefully. When in doubt, please side with caution. In the case of podcasts deemed by authorities to be in violation of the law, Podtopia.net will fully and completely comply with local, federal and international authorities in prosecuting any podcaster on Podtopia.net who is found to be violating the law.