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Whatís so great about podcasting?

There's been a lot of fuss, lately, about podcasting. To some, it's like the dawning of a new era, while others just shrug it off as the latest fad. There's probably some truth in both outlooks, but at Podtopia.net, we think podcasting is pretty cool. Here's why:

For folks who have always wanted to produce their own radio show, itís great, because it lets people do what theyíve always wanted to do, for very low cost, and with relative ease. There are some hurdles to get over, like learning how to use your sound recorder/editor, and how to get the best sound quality, but once you get past that, creating podcasts is quite simple to do. Whatís more, because podcasting happens over the internet, you can broadcast your show to an international audience and reach people you never knew existed. And because itís not radio, controlled by the FCC, you can say pretty much anything you like (though good taste is always a helpful standard). Of course, there are music licensing issues to deal with, but if youíre creating a talk show of your own, you have more creative license online than youíd have on-air.

For listeners, itís great, because folks can find interesting shows, such as language lessons or tips from experts or alternative music shows, that interest and inform them, and they can listen to the podcasts they way they like. You can download a show online, download it to listen later, transfer it to your portable mp3 player, or burn it to CD to listen anytime. Itís audio on-demand, and it gives us an unparalleled (and unprecedented) easy way to listen to the kinds of shows we want -- when we want. Some people think that podcasting is only for people with iPods, but it ainít so. Anyone with an internet connection and a browser and a computer that plays sound, can listen to podcasts. (Of course, it helps if you have broadband... or a lot of patience!)

Podcasting is "broadcasting for the people" -- just about anyone with an idea and a microphone and access to a computer thatís connected to the internet, has the tools they need to create podcasts. And anyone who can download and listen to sound files, can be a part of the audience. Combine the ease of creation with the ease of access and the ease of feedback (through e-mails or comments on blogs), and the podcasting scene turns into more than just a performance space -- itís an interactive community of performers and listeners who can be involved as much -- or as little -- in whatís happening online.

For those of us who have a lot of great ideas and love to get those ideas out thereÖ and for those who like to find othersí great ideas and strike up a conversationÖ podcasting is a fantastic new way to get creative.

Thatís what all the fuss is about.



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