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Free Podcast Video: Where to track down free podcast video for your iPod/PC

By Daniel Dwase


Video podcast (sometimes shortened to vidcast or vodcast) is a term used for the online delivery of video on demand video clip content via RSS feed. The term is an evolution specialized for video, coming from the generally audio-based podcast and referring to the distribution of video where the RSS feed is used as a non-linear TV channel to which consumers can subscribe using a PC, TV, set-top box, media center or mobile multimedia device.

Video On Track

Tracking down and downloading free podcast video has been a bit confusing and difficult for video podcasts enthusiasts. With months of searching almost all available contents on most websites that offer free podcast video , Iíve uncovered a gem of video podcasts for you to enjoy whenever possible. Free podcast video can be found at site such as:

1. www.domainoftheinfinite.com Domain of the infinite creates movies and films that are original and you can also follow up with the creation of new movies. You can download finished videos and new films and get weekly updates on the production process. By subscribing to the weekly Domain of the Infinite Video podcast, you can download finished video chapters and production to your hard drive through iTunes or onto your MP3 player. The videos are compatible with QuickTime.

2. www.mefeedia.com MeFeedia has a collection of independent video makers and podcasters in its directory who has their own websites and blogs but yet are hard to find. Itís a one stop place for hard to find free podcast video. It requires an easy signup and you are ready to enjoy free podcast and videos at absolutely no cost. Vloggers can join mefeedia free; subscribers to their feed will be notified when a new video is posted and you can add a videoblog or podcast feed. MeFeedia doesnít host videos or podcasts, they just help you find the ones you like since theyíre an independent company.

3 . http://podcasts.yahoo.com The Yahoo podcasts directory makes it easy to subscribe to new podcasts, including free podcast video. Yahoo makes it easy to search for specific keywords related to your video podcast topic and once you find it, click on the video podcastsí related link to visit the website or you can subscribe to it at theYahoo Podcast home page.

4. www.vodstock.com Vodstock has a vast collection of video podcasts that are updated regularly. Vodstock makes it easy to search for shows by entering specific keywords into a search box located at the top of its webpage and shows are categorised into animation, arts etc. right through to travel. To the right of the webpage are top-rated video podcasts, most popular video podcasts and recently added video podcasts.

5. www.vlogdir.com This is a Videoblog Directory (VlogDir) that allows users to submit their vlog and registered members are notified by email instantly and Google is notified as well. Also, vlogdir has been the first google search result for 'vlog directory', a common query for people looking for vlogs. You can also subscribe to videoblogs to start watching and download great video shows.

6. www.podcastingnews.com/forum/link_211.htm Podcasting news offers shows submitted by podcasters. There, youíll find shows and meet users at their discussion forumís board. Shows are divided into catogories, including Top 25 Rated shows.

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